Stay away from injuries with former Maria Sharapova’s trainer Injury Prevention Program. 

Find the plan that works for you. 

Exercises designed to improve!
– Throw faster. 
– Improve hips range of motion. 
– Get rid of lower back pain. 
– Serve bigger. 

Never get injured again!!!
Work on mobility, flexibility, strength and balance in a fun an diverse way.
2  or 3 sessions a week can make a difference. 

Personalized, personalized, personalized!!!
Tell us what you need and we will tailor it for you.


  Why our members are raving: 

Injury prevention made fun
It is no secret that injury prevention is not the most fun thing to do. With this in mind Juan Reque´s program is diverse, uses equipment and is challenging. His idea is to make injury prevention as fun as possible. 

Elaborated from 20+ years experience
Juan Reque is the founder and creator of PreventOK. He has developed the program after more than 20 years working as a physical therapist. He worked as a ATP Sports Medicine Trainer, Spanish Davis Cup trainer and for over 5 years as Maria Sharapova´s personal trainer. 

​20 minutes sessions 3 times a week.
Working from home. 
You work at your home, using the PreventOK equipment, following personalized videos. Each single session is unique. You will never repeat the same session more than two times. 

Personalized for you.
In this unique online program you will receive personalized exercise videos, with training specifically tailored to you and the demands of your sport. 
Injury recovery sessions for your chronic injury are also available.